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Welcome to Reena’s thriving social programs, where we are dedicated to fostering inclusivity and celebrating diversity. Our social initiatives serve as the heartbeat of a warm and supportive community, offering a diverse range of engaging activities throughout the year.

Embark on a journey of connection, community, and celebration with Reena’s social programs.

Reena’s Outreach programs are designed to build life and social skills through recreational programming, facilitating the integration of individuals with diverse abilities into the community. Operating throughout the school year and during breaks, these programs provide opportunities for socialization, independence development, and community access.

The Summer Camp, a lively eight-week program running from July to August, caters to participants aged seven through twenty-one, fostering social and life skills development.

Additionally, the Winter Retreat, designed for participants on a school break, blends social and life skills programming with community integration through local outings, creating a dynamic and enriching experience at the Toby and Henry Battle Developmental Centre.

Join us in building connections and empowering individuals through Reena’s diverse social programs!

Outreach programs build life and social skills through recreational programming, as well as, help individuals with disabilities integrate into the community.

Reena runs multiple programs throughout the school year and during school breaks. Individuals who attend these programs have the opportunity to socialize, develop independence and access their community.

Programs Include:

  • Athletic Club
  • Best Buddies Club
  • Café Lundi
  • Cooking Club
  • Sunday Friends Club
  • Summer Camp
  • Winter/March Break Camps
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The summer camp program is a fun filled eight-week program that runs throughout July and August from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. The program is run out of the Toby and Henry Battle Developmental Centre. Participants must be registered in a school program to attend summer camp. Participants partake in many activities that foster the development of social and life skills, while at the same time developing strong bonds with their peers.

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This community-based recreational program is for participants who attend a school program, and who are on Winter Retreat from school. Participants who attend are aged seven through twenty-one years of age and runs out the Toby and Henry Battle Developmental Centre. This program incorporates social skills and life skills based programming, as well as community integration via local community outings.

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