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Without the Toby & Henry Battle Developmental Centre (TBC), the Outreach Department would not be able to run their programs successfully and accommodate the needs of the individuals we support.

The building is used for the majority of our programs including: Sunday Friends Club, After School, Winter and March Break, Summer Recreation, Café Lundi and Basketball. Staff training, orientation and planning sessions are also held at the TBC and without this space there would be nowhere to do this.

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The building has multiple rooms that our programs utilize throughout the year and each room provides a different function that assist in the running of activities.

The gym located on the main floor is used to house sports based activities as well as our Special Olympics Basketball Team. During the winter months this room is heavily used to partake in activities that otherwise would be held outside providing a safe environment during colder, wetter months. It also allows us to house or Winter, March and Summer program when there is not enough space in the building to use other rooms. In the month of June, the gym is used as a training room for Outreach staff where they plan the eight weeks of summer.

The TBC also has a spacious backyard where our individuals like to garden, play games and partake in water play during the summer.

Outreach often uses the Lunch Room in the basement of the TBC for the After School Program and during other programs to complete cooking activities. This room is equipped with a sink, two refrigerators and a lot of cupboard space for food.

The Wellness Centre is another room that Outreach frequents over the year. This room is often used for Sunday Program, break programs, summer recreation and staff orientation. This room has a partition that can be closed off to allow individuals who are agitated to have a quiet space to deescalate. By splitting the room multiple activities can be run at the same time.

During the school year the library, members lounge and creative arts rooms are utilized for running the Sunday Friends Club. Being on one floor makes it easy for staff to support one another and it encourages participant socialization. Being on the top floor provides a positive environment for staff and participants, as there is a lot of natural light, comfortable temperatures and space to move around.

The building is located in Thornhill where there is space for participants to move about freely while at the same time having access to multiple resources (park, mall, library, fire station, grocery store, community centres, etc). The building itself is contained which provides a safe space for participants and makes it easy for staff to account for the individuals they support. The building is fully wheelchair accessible. The TBC is also equipped with important tools such as change tables, hoyer lifts and elevators and fire doors that also contribute to a safe space for participants and staff.

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