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The Lou Fruitman Reena Residence is Reena’s Second Intentional Living Community. It provides housing to over 138 adults and seniors of diverse needs, including those with developmental disabilities, mental health challenges and physical disabilities.

In 2021, with the incredible leadership of the Fruitman Family, Reena completed a the project both on schedule and on budget — 79-units, $38 million budget. The residence is designed to be an intentional community where tenants who have chosen to live in the building and the agencies supporting them are committed to creating one community of support. While elements and units may be led or dedicated to servicing a subset of tenants, all are part of one community. This approach to community is intended to reduce stigma and separation amongst tenants, the staff and volunteers who share in their lives.

  • Units designed for independent or shared living arrangements
  • Specialized units for complex health care
  • Programming spaces including a garden, social hall, wellness centre, patio deck and other amenities
  • Fully accessible respite spaces to serve individuals with medical frailties, physical and behavioural challenges

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