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Developmental Services Ontario (DSO)

As of July of 2011, access to adult developmental services is be managed by Developmental Services Ontario (DSO), a service that is administered by nine designated DSO organizations across the province. In the Central East Region the DSO is administered by York Support Services Network (YSSN)

The DSO is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Ontario’s supports are based upon the legislated principles of citizenship fairness and equity, accessibility and portability, safety and security, accountability and sustainability. All nine regional contact points identify adults who are eligible for developmental services and supports, help to assess a person’s level of need by utilizing standardized measures and assist families and individuals in understanding the developmental service’s system.

The DSO is:

  • The single point of contact for information and application to the ministry-funded adult developmental services
  • Applying the new eligibility criteria
  • Uses a common application package to assess support needs, so that people are treated consistently across the province no matter where they live
  • Links people to services and supports

DSO Contact Information

Toronto Region

Surrey Place Centre Developmental Services
(855) 372.3858

Central East Region

York Support Services Network
(855) 277.2121

While all the information bulletins refer to individuals 18 years of age, Reena strongly recommends that families place their names on the DSO register NOW if your child is 16 or older.

While families must register with the DSO, Reena is always available to answer any questions and to help in the planning process for family members in every way possible. Please contact James Sejjengo, Resource Manager Residential & Family Supports at (905) 889.2690 x2045 with your comments or questions.