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Subscribing to the well known proverb, “two heads are better than one,” Reena – which provides housing and support services to community members with developmental disabilities, and Chai Tikvah – an organization that provides supportive housing and other counseling supports for adults living with mental illness – are putting their heads, and hearts, together for those they serve.

The merger between the two agencies, which is also something of a homecoming as Chai Tikvah was originally launched out of Reena in 1981, is designed to secure and grow the preeminent mental health services that Chai-Tikvah provides, while strengthening Reena’s capacity to support individuals they serve.

The synergy created by this move should know no bounds and countless benefits as both organizations share very similar beliefs as they both operate within a framework of Jewish culture and values.

The integration is scheduled to take place on October 1st 2019 when Ministry of Health funding will be moved to Reena.

“We are very excited by what lies ahead; excited for the many individuals in our community living with developmental disabilities and mental illness who will benefit from this merger,” says Bryan Keshen, President & CEO of Reena. “Working with Chai-Tikvah will allow Reena to further develop a continuum of care across health and social services. Reena serves many clients with mental health needs, and this integration will create a platform for Reena to expand these services over time.

“The synergy between the two agencies will allow Chai-Tikvah to utilize Reena’s expertise in supportive housing solutions, government relations and size of management to strengthen its agency and focus on service delivery,” says Rochelle Goldman-Brown, Executive Director, Chai Tikvah Foundation. “Both organizations believe that the shared vision will support the creation of an integrated approach to service, that will be well positioned for future success and increased supports for community. This coming together of two vital community organizations is truly a win-win for all.”